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APRIL 2014

All charges against these three men relate to their claims of Alaskan residency.

February 4, 2014 - James "Jim" Benton, of Tanaku Lodge, pleads guilty to six Class A misdemeanor charges.

April 10, 2014 - Dennis Meier, of Tanaku Lodge, pleads guilty to one Class A misdemenor charge in Sitka court. 

March 12, 2014 Juneau District Attorney's Office dismisses all charges against Gordy Wrobel. 

Alaskans for Alaska
Elfin Cove believes that we have the right to be governed by leaders who support transparency, integrity, honesty, and accountability. 


If your community is faced with similar problems, please let us know.

The summer businesses and vacation homes are boarded up. Buckets cover the smoke stacks and the lights have been turned out…since September. The current population of Elfin Cove is somewhere between eight and fourteen souls.  It looks a bit like a ghost town. Though many people claim to live in Elfin Cove, they really don’t. Almost all our community leaders actually reside in other states. If a head count were held today, March 17, 2015, there wouldn’t even be twenty people in our little village. So, the next time someone claims to be from Elfin Cove, ask them where they are calling from. Ask them where they are physically standing on the planet. If they are standing in front of you, ask them when they returned to Alaska. Then, ask them how much time they actually spend living in Alaska during any given twelve-month period? You might be surprised by their answer. Truthfully...surprised.

On May 1, 2014, Tod Richards declared that the numbers shown for the fuel inventory on the CECNPC Balance Sheets, provided to the nonprofit corporation’s members, were “nonsense numbers”. We wholeheartedly agree with him.


MacMillan Dictionary: ideas, behavior, or statements that are not true or sensible.

The Free Dictionary: words or signs having no intelligible meaning; Matter of little or no importance or usefulness.

Merriam-Webster: words or ideas that are foolish or untrue; things of no importance or value.

These “nonsense numbers” are why we continue to ask for transparency and accountability from our community leaders in Elfin Cove. Since the April 30, 2014 financial report with the “nonsense numbers”, the fuel inventory was updated on the subsequent four financial reports. These reports show a range of fuel inventory values of over $100,000 from May-September, 2014. It is interesting to note that, for the twenty months prior to April 2014, the fuel inventory values remained static at $142,731.75. Would your local government or nonprofit corporation be allowed to use “nonsense numbers” in their bookkeeping practices?  Or, be allowed to use nonsense numbers in communications with community members, State of Alaska, and Federal entities? That would be…nonsense.


We have even more questions after the CECNPC Community Meeting on May 1, 2014.

  •  If Tod Richards updated the fuel inventory and package goods in the Quick Books system, why weren't the updated numbers included in Debbie Hemenway's Treasurer's report generated by Quick Books?
  • Why wasn't the fuel inventory updated for one year and 8 months and the package goods inventory updated for 2 years and 9 months? 
  • Who was responsible for taking the inventory at the fuel dock- the manager or the bookkeeper? 
  • How does the Elfin Cove Fuel Bookkeeper keep track of the inventories for the fuel dock? 
  • Who was responsible for updating the records in the CECNPC Quick Books system?
  • Is there a separate bookkeeping system for CECNPC and Elfin Cove Fuel?

The static fuel inventory values have appeared on the CECNPC Balance Sheets under two fuel dock managers-Susan Abel and Mark Elliott, and two fuel dock bookkeepers - Jane Button and Tod Richards. It also appears that the package goods inventory hasn't changed under three fuel dock managers - Jim Wild, Susan Abel, and Mark Elliott, and under three bookkeepers - Mary Jo Lord-Wild, Jane Button, and Tod Richards.

And there is one last question from this meeting: Who is responsible for these nonsense numbers?

The audio heard is from an April 1, 2011 meeting to dissolve the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative (ECFC). The documents in the video are shown below on this page, and on our Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative page, found under the Issues with CECNPC tab.  


On May 11, 2014, we sent an email with the copy of the AEA Executive Director Fisher-Goad's letter (shown below in our last posting - This is the Reason...), to our legislators, Senator Bert Stedman and Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins. We also included a packet of information about the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative/PPF Loan. Following their responses, we sent a second email that stated our questions about these issues more clearly.  We await the answers to our questions. 

Letter to Legislative Members
Our second email to our elected officials, restating our questions to them about the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative/PPF Loan.  

Click on image to enlarge.
Senator Bert Stedman's initial response to our questions about the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative/PPF Loan.

Click on image to enlarge.
Email from Sen Stedman
Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tompkins' initial response to our questions about the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative/PPF Loan.

Click on image to enlarge.
Email from Rep Kreiss-Tomkins
We just have a couple of more questions...

Is this the way it works in your community's Government Entity or Nonprofit?  If not, why aren't you getting the "Elfin Cove Deal" from the State of Alaska?



AEA Response Letter

When the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation (CECNPC) obtained a $543,960.00 PPF loan from the Alaska Department of Regional and Community Affairs, Division of Energy in 1998, CECNPC was considered eligible to receive this money because it was considered to be a “marketing cooperative”. This identity misconception was discovered when CECNPC applied for additional funding from Alaska Energy Authority (AEA). When CECNPC was correctly identified as ineligible by AEA, based on their true nonprofit status, the same people leading CECNPC then formed Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative (ECFC) to obtain the monies legitimately.  The original loan and an additional $300,000.00 loan were then combined and the total loan amount was assumed by the cooperative.

When questions arose within the CECNPC membership regarding ownership of the business and the tax liabilities of ECFC, the cooperative's General Manager, Jim Wild, and their advising attorney, Paul Grant, labeled the cooperative a "paper corporation".  These same people that were CECNPC leaders, and then ECFC board members, worked with the Alaska Department of Commerce’s Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) to dissolve the cooperative, leaving CECNPC to pay off the loan.  The Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative was officially dissolved June 2013, yet ECFC, CECNPC and DCRA did not inform AEA that the entity responsible for the remaining 17 years of the PPF loan no longer existed.  It seems they followed attorney Paul Grant's advice by taking the "Do Nothing" approach, and as he wrote of the State of Alaska: "I imagine they will remain blissfully ignorant as long as the loan continues to be paid".

Since CECNPC will no longer answer our questions, we asked AEA and Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority (AIDEA) for the information.  Their reply has only raised more questions.  AEA and AIDEA state that they were not aware of the cooperative’s dissolution.  Their intention is for AIDEA to “negotiate an assumption agreement” with CECNPC.  How can AIDEA negotiate with the nonprofit that didn’t qualify for the loan in the first place? How can AIDEA negotiate with the same nonprofit that created and dissolved a "paper corporation" to get a second round of state funds?  And, why didn’t DCRA, ECFC, or CECNPC inform AEA of the cooperative’s dissolution, knowing the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative had a legal obligation to the loan holder?  Why haven’t our community leaders been forthcoming with answers to questions about the Elfin Cove Fuel Cooperative?


Click on image to enlarge.

On February 21, 2014, Dave Abel presented a petition to the Board of Directors of the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation (CECNPC) - our local governmental entity) seeking to censor three members and residents of Elfin Cove. How can citizens be barred by petition from asking questions of their government? The petition also appears to disregard Alaska Statute 10.20.131, a statute that ensures a member of a nonprofit access to the corporation's records.




At the February 21, 2014 community meeting, Dave Abel presented a petition to the Board of Directors of the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation (CECNPC). The petition is requesting that the Board of Directors "ignore all requests and communications" from Alaskans for Alaska in perpetuity. Various allegations are made towards Travis Lewis, Lane Ply, and Karen Nemecek, including harassment, slander of the Director's character, and causing the Board unnecessary labor to answer our requests for information.


All of the requests for information were made by members and candidates of CECNPC, not as members of Alaskans for Alaska.  This is evident in our letters requesting information (copies available on this web site). According to AS 10.20.131, all records of a corporation may be inspected by any member, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time. Our requests, as members, and as candidates, were for proper purposes. We have offered to come to the Community Building and copy the records requested, either by using the community copier (bringing our own paper), or by bringing a new zip drive. We have also offered to pay for these records. This would not cause any "unnecessary labor" to the Board. Since the records, by law, are supposed to be accessible and available, the request should not be construed as harassment or a hardship, but as a legal responsibility of the board to honor.


Dave Abel's petition also claims that, because of our requests for information, it has been harder to get people to run for Board positions. The truth is that in the last election, in August 2013, three of the four open seats had two candidates each. Of the candidates for these four seats, three incumbents ran for their old seats and were reelected.  They were: Dennis Meier - chairman (2009-2014), Mike Nelson - director (2005-


The most egregious aspect of this petition is the attempt to silence us and take away our First Amendment right to free speech. The petition asks the Board of Directors not to allow us to make requests for information, or to communicate with the Board. This is censoring long-time community members, members of CECNPC, citizens of the State of Alaska, and citizens of the United States of America.



Although a nonprofit corporation is required by law to make their records available to members, CECNPC Board members have refused to share these records when asked for specific information. They are increasingly hostile to members who request information. Is this acceptable behavior for community leaders? Why will they not make all records available?
Why is there no transparency and accountability with the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation to ALL the residents of Elfin Cove, Alaska?  The Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation has chosen to stop supplying requested information in violation of AS 10.20.131 (Books and Records).

This is the end of the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation community meeting held 1/31/2014. Do your community leaders get to act this way? Note: Chairman Dennis Meier has not been in Elfin Cove since September 2013, but is calling into the meeting from the State of Washington. Secretary Mary (Warner) Crump lives in Farmington, Utah.


Tanaku Lodge owner, James Benton, guilty of misdemeanor charges

On February 4, 2014, James Benton’s twenty-three Class A misdemeanor charges were disposed of in Sitka.  Charges one through six were disposed of with a “guilty conviction after guilty plea”.  The charges were from violations of AS 16.05.420(b), Making a False Statement/Omission on a Fish & Game Application without Culpable Mental State.  Alaska defines a “culpable mental state” as "intentionally", "knowingly", "recklessly", or with "criminal negligence" committing a crime.  The dates of the offenses ran from March, 2007 to January, 2012.  Judge Leonard R. Devaney III assessed the fine for each count at $300.00, the maximum allowed.  A $10.00 police training surcharge was also assessed for each count.  Benton’s fines and surcharges totaled $1,680.00.  Charges seven through twenty-three were dismissed by prosecution.  Those charges were for violation of AS 11.56.210(a)(2), Unsworn Falsification in the Second Degree. More complete information is available through Alaska’s court records data base at:  http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/eservices/home.page.8

2nd Records and Information Request Sent to Community of Elfin Cove

Opens Record Second Request
On January 8, 2014, we sent a second request for information to the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation (CECNPC).  This was due to the lack of information in Chairman Dennis Meier’s response to our two August 7, 2013 letters of request. We were told that not all records were available, and what records are available would now require a fee. It is troubling that CECNPC, our local “government entity” has made it harder to obtain its “public records”.  CECNPC’s lack of transparency with its members seems to include at least one of the board members, as well. The only board member that is living in Elfin Cove this winter had only seen our two initial letters, which were read on the Alaskans for Alaska website. This board member was not aware of Chairman Meier’s response to these letters until a copy was provided, on the dock in Elfin Cove, on January 8, 2014.

Click on image to enlarge
Lacking in requested information,
and lacking in respect
The response to our inquiry for information from the Community of Elfin Cove (Nonprofit Corporation) was received. It was mailed from Issaquah, Washington (98027), close to Sammamish, where Chairman Dennis Meier lives with his family.  We find CEC’s response lacking…lacking in requested information, and lacking in respect.  

The images on the right and below left are of the envelope showing the postmark for Washington state.  The images of CEC's letter are located below center and below right.  Click on the images to enlarge.

Open Record Request submitted.  Still waiting for a response.

Member Request for Records
Member Request for Records

On July 24, 2013, Susan Abel (Secretary of the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation - CECNPC) sent an email to our web designer stating "All our records are public and I would be happy to send them to you."  As members of the nonprofit, Lane Ply and Travis Lewis have formally requested copies of these public records. 


In a certified letter sent to Ms. Abel on August 7, 2013, the members asked for several documents from the 2012 to 2013 time period.  Items requested included copies of treasurer's reports, expenditures related to legal fees and financial advisor fees, communications between board members, the 2013 Head Count Census documents, minutes from meetings, and written communications to and from the State of Alaska. 


To view the letter, click on the image to the right.


A copy of Ms. Abel's email can be found further down this page below the latest video.

An additional request was made for public records of the CECNPC August 2, 2013 Election
Request for election records
Request for election records
In response to Susan Abel's offer to provide public records from CECNPC, Travis Lewis and Lane Ply submitted a request for documents related to the August 2, 2013 Board of Director's election.  The requests were made by these two CECNPC members for a copy of the election sign-in sheet, for the opportunity to review the actual ballots cast in the election, and for copies of correspondence between CECNPC and the Alaska Department of Commerce and the Alaska Division of Elections regarding the elections. 
To view the letter, click on the image to the left
“On February 22, 2013, while I walked down the Elfin Cove floatplane dock to meet the plane, I smelled sewage and saw brown clouds of it on both sides of the dock. When I got to the end of the dock I met Greg Howe, the local agent for Alaska Seaplane Service. He informed me that a local employee of Shirley Perkins, the owner of Coho’s Bar & Grill, was pumping the contents her septic tank into the ocean. He suggested that I should call someone about it, so I took my camera and walked back to the top of the ramp to take these pictures.” – Lane Ply, President of Alaskans for Alaska


Leman reports meeting with Perkins
Leman meets with Perkins

According to a report from Michael L. Foster & Associates entitled "Elfin Cove Water & Sewer Feasibility Study" (September 21, 2012), Loren Leman, P.E. Project Manager and author of the report, met with board members of the CECNPC and others from the community.


Leman specifically referenced a meeting during which he and Shirley Perkins "talked at length about sanitation facilities and practices in Elfin Cove."


Click on image to see report.

The report goes on to say how five years earlier (prior to 2007), the DEC policies allowed small residential septic discharges. However, this practice has long been restricted in Elfin Cove because the EPA no longer issues such permits.


Click on image to see report.

Leman made recommendations to the community for handling the wastewater/sewage. The first was a do nothing approach that he believed was unacceptable. The better option was to have the community have the waste pumped and backhauled.  Click on image to see report. Do Nothing
This alternative has no additional costs but fecal contamination and unsightly floatable wastes in the Inner Harbor will not be reduced. We believe this is unacceptable.

4. 2. 2. 2 Wastewater Management
This could be implemented for minimal costs. It should include educational materials and training for all dischargers. Property owners should be advised how to properly maintain their septic tanks-and an iurangement for services should be arranged. Paul Weltzin, owner and operator of the Wl Lite Weight, is willing to provide this service. He currently backhauls septage for Gustaws and charges $300 per 1,000 gallons for this hauling. Details for disposal would need to be arranged with a pumper, such as Don Burford of R&S Pumping or Sloan Swendsen of Juneau Septic Services, both in Juneau. They may also have good ideas about how to get portables eptage pumping equipment to Elfin Cove.

Coho's Bar & Grill is operated by owner Shirley Perkins and her daughter, Mercedes (Piedra) Phillips. Shirley is a former director and Mercedes is a current director on the Community of Elfin Cove Non-Profit Corporation’s Board of Directors They were both aware of the grant, of the feasibility study and the engineer’s report prior to dumping the business’ septic tank.


Shirley chose to ignore the Water & Sewer Feasibility Study recommendations and dump her poop directly into the seawaters in front of Elfin Cove, in violation of state and federal statutes. Why does the State of Alaska even bother sending grant monies for the studies if a member of the board of directors and a community business owner choose to ignore the recommendations?


This is yet another example of why Alaskans For Alaska is encouraging the Alaska Legislature to authorize a Legislative Audit of the grants that have been sent to the Community of Elfin Cove.


Susan Abel sends email to Alaskans for Alaska
On Wednesday, July 24, 2013, Susan Abel, Secretary of the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation, contacted the web administrator of the Alaskans for Alaska website via phone and email.  Abel requested that the whole website be taken down because it was causing strife in Elfin Cove.  She followed up her phone conversation with the email shown above.  This information was forwarded to the board of directors for Alaskans for Alaska.  

Life in Elfin Cove

Who represents your community? Listen to what our leaders are saying.

About this video....

Some of the community members asked what Alaskans for Alaska is for. Here is a partial list of what we are for:

  • transparency in our local government
  • accuracy of local government documentation and information provided to the community, and to the state and federal governments
  • accountability to the community by elected officials
  • accessibility to community facilities by ALL community members
  • local hire
  • state enforcement of voter registration requirements and state enforcement of residency requirements, and;
  • the opportunity for ALL the residents of Elfin Cove to be treated with respect.


In response to comments shown in the video, we offer...

The only child’s photograph to appear on our site was the child of our vice president, Travis Lewis. The photograph was of his daughter, Theresa Lewis, having to do her school work at the “boy’s club” because she was denied access to the community building and library. Dennis Meier’s children are only referenced with identical information appearing on the SouthEast Alaska Guides Organization (SEAGO) web page, as shown in his listing as board member.  

Lane Ply, president of Alaskans for Alaska and a year-round resident of Elfin Cove for 25 years, asked the CECNPC board and community members to provide him with a written list of any item on this website they felt was inaccurate.

To date, Alaskans for Alaska has never received the requested documentation from any of those at the meeting or from the community

Court Proceeding Updates - APRIL 2014 UPDATE

Obtained from CourtView Justice Solutions at http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/eservices/home.page.19


1JU-13-00483CR: Gordon “Gordy” Wrobel’s six charges have been dismissed by the Juneau District Attorney's Office.  Dismissal was finalized March 12, 2014. 

1SI-13-00020CR: Dennis Meier pled guilty on April 10, 2014, to one Class A Misdemeanor charge -- AS 16.05.420(b) - False Statement/Omission on Fish & Game Application (without culpable mental state).   The remaining five charges were dismissed.


1SI-13-00031CR: James “Jim” Benton’s Motion to Dismiss was denied on June 28, 2013. Benton pled guilty to six Class A Misdemeanor charges on February 4, 2014.  The remaining charges were dismissed.

Cove Lodge owner faces criminal charges for falsifying
Alaska Fish and Game Records

Gordy Wrobel to appear in Juneau Court


On May 2, 2013, six criminal charges were filed against Gordon Wrobel, former Chairman and board member of the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Organization, former president of the Southeast Conference, and owner of Cove Lodge.  According to CourtView, charges  include three counts of Knowing False Statement/Omission on Fish and Game Applications (AS16.05.420(b)) and three counts of Unsworn Falsification 2 (AS11.56.210). Offense dates range from April 2011 to May 2012. Wrobel, a Minnesota resident, has been claiming residency privileges in Alaska since 2000.

Elfin Cove Lodge Owners Charged Over Residency
Click Here to view online article

Elfin Cove Lodge Owners Charged Over Residency

Published 2-7-2013

Daily Sitka Sentinel


The Daily Sitka Sentinel recently published a news story on how Elfin Cove Lodge Owners were charged with making false statements and other violations of state fishing laws and regulations.


According to court documents, charges filed in Sitka Superior Court allege that James H. Benton, 44, and Dennis Meier, 57, co-owners of Tanaku Lodge in Elfin Cove, claimed benefits of Alaska residency while they actually were legal residents of other states.


The newspaper article reports allegations from Alaska State Troopers, which include that Meier applied for Alaska sport fishing license and crew member licenses and resident commercial halibut permits for several years, when he was actually a legal resident of another state (where he owns a home).  


The Daily Sitka Sentinal reports that the investigation shows that during that period of time, Meier also registered to vote in Alaska, claiming residency in Elfin Cove.


Similar charges were filed against Benton, who according to state records, show that he allegedly obtained Permanent Fund dividends.


To read the entire article and follow this story, visit the Daily Sitka Sentinel at http://sitkasentinel.com/7/2012-05-10-22-08-10/local-news/5407-elfin-cove-lodge-owners-charged-over-residency .


Why are non-resident business owners in Elfin Cove allowed
to become registered voters in the State
of Alask



When a small village or town is taken over by out-of-state business owners, the value of one vote increases dramatically.  Learn how one small Alaskan village could impact the results of a state election. 

With only 20 year-round residents, Elfin Cove's voter registration roster is over 65 people, with many  non-resident individuals obtaining voter registration cards.  Non-resident registered voters dilute the voice of year-round residents and native Alaskans in state election.  It also impacts who controls local governing bodies and community organizations.  Learn more about the issues facing Alaska. 


Click here to visit our new tab called "Voter & Residency Issues."

Why does Dennis Meier get to go to Alaska’s Southeast Conference
as a representative of Elfin Cove?

Meier is the current chairman of the Community of Elfin Cove Non-profit Organization (CECNPC) – our local governing entity. Because Elfin Cove is an unincorporated village, CECNPC functions in the place of a city council.

Based on his business address, Meier is registered to vote in Alaska, which also gives him eligibility to be a member of CECNPC. His actual family residence is in Sammamish, WA. The Head Count Census was taken to determine whether Elfin Cove qualified for Alaska’s State Revenue Sharing program. Alaska State rules require a person to actually be present in the community 6 months and 1 day to be counted as a local resident.

Chairman Meier was counted as a nonresident, yet he represents the interests of Elfin Cove and uses State Revenue Sharing monies to do so. Why should you care?   Because the eligibility requirements for Alaska residency creates this type of situation - where the head of the local government doesn’t even live in the state, much less the local community.

See the video below for more information.

CECNPC Meeting Minutes 5_11_12
CECNPC Meeting Minutes 5_11_12

The Board of Directors of Community of Elfin Cove Non Profit  Corporation threatens legal action against Alaskans For Alaska



At the May 11, 2012 community meeting, the Community of Elfin Cove Nonprofit Corporation (CECNPC) presented a resolution directed towards Alaskans for Alaska and our website. The resolution essentially demands that we remove information some say engenders “ill will towards the community members” from our website.


After comments from the board of directors and some community members present, Lane Ply requested that each person write down what they have objections to and submit those objections back to him for review. He further stated that if the specific items were found to be inaccurate he would remove them.





CECNPC Resolution
During the discussion prior to voting on Resolution 12-02, Dennis Meier, Chairman of CECNPC, requested information be removed from the Alaskans For Alaska website and stated “…if you don't then I think the community has the right to continue to engage lawyers to do something about it".
After the Board of Directors votes to approve Resolution 12-02, Dennis Meier goes on to say - “...the State and the lawyer have advised us to start with this step first and then, um, as you all saw in there there is legal fees and the legal fees right now are advising us on how to handle Alaskans for Alaska."




Please see the bottom of the page for upcoming issues.

Is Elfin Cove Taking a Bite Out of Your Piece of the Pie?
The State of Alaska requires a community to have a minimum population of 25 to receive Revenue Sharing funds.  Does Community of Elfin Cove qualify?   That's the $44,474 question.  See the video below.



Where Does Gordy Wrobel Live - Elfin Cove, AK or St. Paul, MN?

Alaskans For Alaska is watching to see who actually calls Elfin Cove, Alaska home. Though many people work in Elfin Cove during the tourist and sport charter fishing season, we thought it would be interesting to see who lives in our community after the summer season ends. Do these seasonal business owners actually live in our village? 

Gordy Wrobel, a former CECNPC Chairman and owner of a seasonal business here,  claims multiple addresses as his Elfin Cove residence.  He doesn't really appear to live at any of them. So, where exactly does Gordy live in Elfin Cove?  Please see the video below.



Click here to see more of the story on "Where does Gordy Live?"


Visit our new YouTube account at


Green Hair and Ten Eyes

“I can have a corporation in the state that says
I want an exclusive club of only people with green hair and ten eyes…and I can exclude whoever I want. And that’s, that would all be legal under 10.20.”
Glen Hamburg, Local Government Specialist
Alaska’s Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development
Division of Community and Regional Affairs
Speaking in the community of Elfin Cove on May 6, 2011

Hamburg was in Elfin Cove, AK to speak on a number of issues, including how the State of Alaska viewed the community corporation in Elfin Cove (CECNPC) - as it was incorporated under Alaska Statute Title 10, Chapter 20 – Alaska Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Visit our new YouTube account at

Visit our new YouTube account at


Where does Dennis Meier Live - Elfin Cove, AK or Sammamish, WA?

The current Chairman of the Community of Elfin Cove Non-Profit Corporation, our local governmental entity, is Dennis Meier.  He claims to live in Elfin Cove at his lodge.  Yet, according to King County, WA records, he also claims Sammamish, Washington as his family's hometown. So, where is his actual domicile?  Where does Meier have his primary residence?  
Watch the video above for more information.


Upcoming Issues

Revenue Sharing and the Southeast Conference

Southeast Conference – Trade show or facilitator for regional resource management and economic development planning?  This infomercial was brought to you by “The Lodges @ Elfin Cove” which included Tanaku Lodge and The Cove Lodge. “The Lodges” were an event sponsor for the conference and entitled to display their business interests. However, revenue sharing monies were used to pay for Dennis Meier’s attendance and expenses at the conference, as Chairman of CECNPC -- not as a lodge owner selling his product. Meier is co-partner of Tanaku Lodge and Gordy Wrobel (Southeast Conference president) is co-owner of The Cove Lodge.
Community facilities and resources
The Elfin Cove Community Building houses the Elfin Cove School library (now used as a small meeting room), office space for CECNPC, ECUC, EC Fuel Dock, a gymnasium and restrooms.  The actual school room is leased to Elfin Cove Museum. Office equipment, including a computer, a copier/scanner/printer, and a telephone was purchased with Revenue Sharing monies, but CECNPC restricts their use by community members.  See images above.

Restricted access to community resources
CECNPC has restricted access to the school library for community members, including children.  Numerous encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference and resource materials, as well as children’s fiction, are located in this room that is now used for community meetings.  The monies for this facility and the contents came from the State of Alaska for the benefit of the whole community. Likewise access to the gym is restricted.  See images above.

Observe.  Compare.  Classify.

Observe a student having to use the local shop for a classroom. Compare this learning environment with the Elfin Cove School library she was not allowed to use. Classify this as shameful that CECNPC restricts access to the Elfin Cove School library for the only school-aged child in town. Theresa Lewis, daughter of Travis Lewis (Vice-President for Alaskans for Alaska), was not allowed access to the community school library or computer to do her schoolwork. Instead, she studied at the local repair shop, where she was surrounded by WD-40, hunting magazines, and fishing reels - rather than encyclopedias, resource books, better lighting and an appropriate desk.
Elfin Cove 2011 Election
District 05, Precinct 982 includes Elfin Cove. According to this posted sign on both doors into the polling place, ELECTIONEERING PROHIBITED, in the polling place or within 200 feet of ANY entrance. No person “may attempt to persuade a person to vote for or against a candidate, proposition, or question.

Trash burning

Local residents, businesses and visiting vessels use this lot to burn their household trash and other debris. A fire still burns near the water’s edge and will until the tide puts it out.
The trash is then swept out into the waters of Cross Sound and Icy Straits, leaving behind broken glass, wire, and sharp metal fragments.

This area is not a dump.

DO NOT leave your personal TRASH HERE. All persons found doing so will be reported for littering and charged for the removal of THEIR TRASH. Some local individuals and business missed that part of Clean Up Day in Elfin Cove.


Revenue Sharing monies were used to haul debris found around in the community out of Elfin Cove. However, some individuals, businesses, and lodges hauled their trash and debris to the site and let CECNPC use revenue sharing monies to pay for hauling off their trash.

Subsistence Fishing

These photos are of an out-of-state business owner’s subsistence fishing gear.  Stewart Willis owns a sport fishing lodge in Elfin Cove.  Why does he qualify for a Subsistence Halibut Registration Certificate (SHARC) card?




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